6 Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out During Winter

Last updated on August 3rd, 2022 at 03:41 pm

Bethany Cleg is a small business owner at Bethany Cleg Photography. She frequently writes about fitness, and enjoys finding new ways to exercise. When she’s not writing or taking pictures, you’ll find her hiking with her family. In today’s post, Bethany shares tips on how you can keep yourself motivated to exercise during winter.

Working out is always difficult. You know you should exercise, and you probably have the very best intentions. But when it’s the dead of winter, the weather is cold and the days are short, it can be challenging. How on earth are you suppose to motivate yourself to work out? It may not be easy, but here are some techniques you can use to help keep motivated, even when it’s grim and miserable outside:

Don't let the winter weather keep you from exercising. Try finding an exercise class at your local recreation center or gym to help you keep active during the winter.
Don’t let the winter weather keep you from exercising. Try finding an exercise class at your local recreation center or gym to help you keep active during the winter.
  1. Find Indoor Activities in Your Community. The main reason why working out is so difficult in the winter is the cold weather. Luckily, if you find the right activity, you won’t have to exercise outside in the bitter cold. Check out your local gym or recreation center and see what is offered there. Registering for fitness classes or joining local intramural sports teams can also help you stay active.
  2. Work Out at Home. Sometimes even getting the motivation to get ready and go somewhere else to work out can be a hard task, so make it easier to exercise by doing it in the confines of your living room. You don’t need expensive exercise equipment to do this, it could be as simple as putting on a workout DVD or a YouTube video. Today, there are many good streaming options for exercise.
  3. Embrace the Cold. Make the cold your friend, not your enemy! Take advantage of the frigid weather by going skiing, snowboarding or ice skating. If these are too expensive, going on a winter hike can provide similar health benefits.
  4. Get Some Awesome Gear. One good way to motivate yourself is to get yourself some new workout gear. If you are a runner and you get a new pair of stylish running shoes or clothes, you will be excited to wear them and it may encourage you to go out and exercise.
  5. Remember Why You Are Doing It. Sometimes the best motivation is to simply remind yourself of all of the benefits of exercising. Although staying fit and healthy is the primary reason for exercising, working out has so many non-health-related benefits. For example, walking instead of driving somewhere can help you save money. It can also help you get to know your neighborhood better. Keeping fit can prepare you for unexpected events in the future, such as moving furniture.
  6. Find Something That You Love. Many people say they hate working out, but what they may really mean is that they hate running or cardio. Although running doesn’t require a lot of extra equipment or skills training, it doesn’t mean it should be the default form of exercise for everyone. People who despise exercise simply haven’t found the right one for them. Explore different groups and classes in your community; think about what you have fun doing and do that to stay fit. Do you love dancing? Do you need something with an element of competition? Do you prefer exercising with other people or alone? Whatever your preferences, there is something out there for you!

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