Let the (Made-Up) Winter Games Begin!

Last updated on July 21st, 2022 at 12:44 pm

Events can include throwing snowballs for distance and accuracy.

The Winter Olympics begin this week and the world’s most accomplished cold weather athletes will gather in Pyeongchang, South Korea and compete for gold and all of the glory.

While few of us have what it takes to compete on the international sporting stage, regular folks can create their own “everyman” winter games. You can organize a competition among your family or friends. Some events to consider:

Snowball Toss (Distance): Who can throw the farthest?

Snowball Toss (Accuracy): Knock the carrot off the snowman’s face from 20 feet away.

Snowball Catch: Just make sure you don’t hit your teammate.

Speed Shovel: Get the stopwatch out and determine who can clear a patch of sidewalk the fastest.

Shovel Medley: Measure how far you can throw a shovel-full of snow, both in front of you and over your shoulder.

Ice Walking: The object is to navigate a patch of ice the quickest without falling (or getting hurt). This man finished well out of the medal picture.

Artistic Angel: The judges determine who has created the most heavenly wingspan.

Some events to skip include Ice Dodgeball, Cross-County Shoveling, Cafeteria Tray Downhill, Full-Contact Frozen Derby, Zamboni 500, and the potentially painful Demolition Bobsled.

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