Snuff Out Smoking Once and For All

Last updated on January 12th, 2024 at 08:50 am

The Great American Smoke Out - American Cancer Society

The Great American Smokeout is Thursday, Nov. 16. If you haven’t quit yet, now is a good time to kick the habit for good.

The American Cancer Society is a wonderful resource for those looking trying to stay away from tobacco. And if you need a little extra support, homeopathic medicines can help.

Lobelia inflata can help with nausea associated with tobacco withdrawal.*

Nux vomica relieves irritability, nausea, and digestive troubles associated with overindulgence in food, tobacco, or alcohol.*

Argentum nitricum can help relieve apprehension with a feeling of hurriedness.*

The transition to becoming a nonsmoker can be a very nerve-wracking time. Ignatia amara relieves these symptoms of stress with hypersensitivity to pain, smell, and stress and improved by distraction.*

Homeopath Joette Calabrese says when you become smoke-free, you’ll be pleasantly surprised about all the ways your health, finances, and life will improve.

The medicines mentioned above have no known drug interactions and are non-drowsy.

To explore more medicines and their uses, download Boiron’s free Medicine Finder app.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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