4 thoughts on “Calendula”

  1. Please bring back calendula lotion, it is the only thing that works for my itchy skin. Calendula creams and ointments available come nowhere near how comforting and effective the calendula lotion was. Not sure why your company has discontinued such a wonderful product. Lotion was easily distributed and absorbed into skin, unlike ointment and cream which aee greasy and not easily absorbable. Please, please bring back calendula lotion.

  2. I also agree. Please bring back the Calendula lotion. This is the best remedy for burns! I keep a bottle in the kitchen for whenever I burn myself and as soon as I’ve run cold water on it I put calendula lotion on it and it helps instantly. Nothing else comes close to this amazing product. I beg you to start making this again.

  3. Was there a reason to discontinue this wonderful product? We used it happily for many years. It was so easy in application and absorption and the cream and gel are simply not as effective. Please make it again!

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