Pharmacy Resource Center

Homeopathic resources for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Students

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Continuing Education

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Faculty Resources

Homeopathic Resources for Faculty

Faculty Resources

Homeopathic resources for faculty including a French pharmacy tour, sample request forms, and a downloadable e-book. 

Pharmacy Student Resources

Explore pharmacy student resources including student testimonials, an introduction to homeopathy, and the Homeopathic Research Institute. 

Resources for Pharmacists

Develop your business, access references and digital resources.

Resources for Pharmacists

Develop your business, access references, and digital resources.

Resources for Pharmacy Techs

Continuing education resources for Pharmacy Technicians such as homeopathic charts and a review for Pharmacists to address patient questions.


Training on Homeopathy for Pharmacists


Training on homeopathy for Pharmacists

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