Pharmacy School Lecture

Introduction to Clinical Homeopathy for Pharmacy Students

Boiron USA is committed to increasing access to reliable and trustworthy knowledge of homeopathic medicines for today's health care professionals. We offer an interactive lecture at no cost to Universities. This lecture is designed to give future pharmacists the tools to handle most common questions and concerns related to the use and sale of over the counter homeopathic medicines.

A message from the Director of Education
Christophe Merville, D. Pharm.


Swathi Varanasi is an Integrative Health Pharmacist and Medical Cannabis Consultant in Los Angeles, California. She is the Co-Founder of the PGY1 Integrative Health Pharmacy Residency and the first-ever PGY1 Resident in the nation with formal postdoctoral residency training in integrative health and medical cannabis. She serves as a bilingual medical consultant for CBD/hemp companies, a clinical cannabis researcher, a natural medicines educator, and a content contributor for print & online publications. Doctor Swathi is active in both local and national professional pharmacy and cannabis associations. Emphasizing an evidence-based approach, Doctor Swathi is passionate about educating practitioners, students and patients on the intricacies of the endocannabinoid system and the power of food as medicine.

Pam Tarlow has been a patient-oriented pharmacist with over forty years of experience. Her practice has evolved to include working closely with providers and patients on the safe, appropriate, and effective use of pharmaceuticals, botanicals, cannabinoids, homeopathics, nutritional agents and therapeutic essential oils. She currently practices direct patient care and consulting as a clinical integrative pharmacist in Los Angeles, California. She is a lecturer and innovative experiential educator for many pharmacy schools, medical residents, and doctorate acupuncture programs. She is the Co-Founder and Director of the inaugural PGY1 Integrative Health Pharmacy Residency. She is the author of pharmacist continuing education (CE) programs exploring bioactive nutrients and two CE programs on homeopathic medicines. She is an active member of the Dietary Supplement Safety Collaborative as well as many other professional associations.