Bryonia: An Answer to Joint and Arthritis Pain

Last updated on July 16th, 2024 at 03:00 pm

If you or a family member suffers with arthritis, you know just how disabling it can be. Stiff and swollen joints can make even simple daily tasks, like bathing or dressing, extremely painful. There’s no cure for arthritis, so managing symptoms and flare-ups are essential to maintaining a comfortable, active life. However, there are more than 100 different types of arthritis, each with their own unique set of challenges.

Osteoarthritis arthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are two of the most common types. Experts agree that it is crucial to practice aerobic or low-impact exercises despite the pain. Over time, regular exercise can aid in restoring flexibility and range of motion while maintaining heart health and strengthening muscles, which can help alleviate pressure from weakened joints. But how do you get started when every movement seems to hurt? The homeopathic medicine Bryonia is one of the top choices for arthritis pain, and it’s indicated for other conditions, too. Let’s learn more about this plant that’s so important to people living with joint pain.

What is Bryonia?

Bryonia is a perennial flowering vine in the cucumber family, Cucurbitaceae, and native to Europe. It’s considered an invasive weed in the United States as it grows rapidly and aggressively, easily choking out other plants. Homeopathic medicines are made from the thick root of Bryonia alba, also known as white bryony or devil’s turnip. This particular variety produces greenish-white flowers and berries that turn black as they ripen.

All parts of the Bryonia plant contain a poisonous, bitter substance called bryonin, which can cause inflammation, vomiting, and even death if ingested in large quantities. It’s this substance that makes Bryonia so useful for rheumatic pains in homeopathy. Outside of homeopathy, Bryonia has a long history of use in folk medicine. Herbalists would use it to induce vomiting — a treatment once believed to reduce swelling (edema). It was also applied externally for leprosy and gangrene.

Bryonia for Arthritis and More

When prepared homeopathically, the toxic properties of Bryonia are removed. Made from the bryony root, this homeopathic medicine has many different indications. It helps relieve joint and muscle pains aggravated by the slightest motion and improved by strong pressure or when lying on the painful side.* Bryonia also relieves fever with intense thirst, dry mouth, and body aches aggravated by movement.*

This versatility makes it one of the key active ingredients in Arnicare Arthritis tablets and Chestal Honey cough syrup.

Learn more about Boiron Bryonia in this video featuring pharmacist Gary Kracoff, NMD, RPh.

Searching for more arthritis pain solutions? Discover another single medicine popular among sufferers, plus watch this video to learn which yoga poses can help keep you pain-free.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.


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8 thoughts on “Bryonia: An Answer to Joint and Arthritis Pain”

  1. I was diagnosed many many many months ago with lymes and coinfection Babesia…I was put on a very long duration of multiple sting medications … I stopped all these medication after taking it for over 40 days and developing a terrible reaction which included MCAS which triggered bad rash and hives anxiety heart palpitations high blood pressure , Terrible joint pain in my thumb and wrists…etc.…I went on a low histamine diet to control the severe histamine reactions that I’ve never had before until taking these strong medications..I decided to try but will Bovista…Which did not appear to help… And I have since been taking sulfur 30 C one Globule Dilute it diluted in waterOnce per day in the morning which appears to help some… But I still continue to have joint pain and hands and wrists especially in the morning… Unfortunately we had a terrible snowstorm and shoveling as much snow as I did triggered my issues I have in my lower back .. which triggered issues in my sciatica my hips and my knees… I continue to take the sulfur for the itchy rash and hives which are not as bad as they were in the beginning and no longer have high blood pressure heart palpitations or anxiety… But, I am not sure If adding another boiron Formula for my lower back and sciatica etc. issues would cause conflict with the sulfur 30 CI take daily

    1. Hi Ileen, you can take different homeopathic medicine together, and alongside other medications and supplements. There are no known drug interactions or contraindications for use. The standard dosage for Sulphur is 5 pellets, three times a day. Hypericum perforatum is a remedy for sharp nerve pain, which may be associated with sciatica. Let us know if you give it a try, and we hope you feel better soon.

  2. I am 79yrs old male have been diognized with arthritis OA/RA with low back pains and sciatic pains passing through gluteus along outer thighs > right side worse standing and walking, better sitting/lying, stiff legs. feet feel swallen, spongy, heavy as lead pls advise me of remedies to use

    1. Hi Ligusi, many arthritis sufferers rely on our Arnicare line of pain relievers to help manage pain from flare-ups. We offer a topical cream and gel, as well as an arthritis formula. Please check out the Pain Relief section of our website to see all the options.

  3. I have severe flares from my fibromyalgia and OA. I just started using the cream seems to be relieving joint pain. Was wondering if I took oral form would it help my all over pain?

    1. Hi Nancy, oral Arnica pellets and tablets provide whole body pain relief, while Arnicare cream is ideal for spot treating sore areas. You can safely use them together without worry of drug interaction.

  4. I have joint pain that was triggered by menopause. When my hot flashes get worse, so does my joint pain. I take turmeric which has helped a lot. Do you have anything that can help me? I am also losing bone mass and have osteopenia in my one hip. Any suggestions for that as well? Lastly I have a 21 yr old son with high functioning autism. Is there anything you would suggest to help with his brain function ( memory and executive function skills). Thank you for your help.

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