Smart Ways to Sneak Exercise into Your Daily At-Home Routine

Have you noticed the scale creeping up over the last few months? You’re hardly alone. Even if your diet hasn’t changed, it’s been harder to reach the minimum levels of activity our bodies were used to during normal routines. In fact, a review conducted by the University of California San Francisco found that daily step counts from fitness trackers around the world dropped by almost 50% once social distancing went into effect. Those walks to your favorite lunch spot and trips to the coffee pot at the office really added up!

Regular physical activity is a huge health boost, not only for your body but your mood and general well-being, too. As we head into yet another season of cold weather and stay-at-home orders, finding ways to keep our hearts, joints, and brains happy is paramount. So, here are a few smart tricks to help you sneak in more exercise without even realizing it.

Set stretch alarms

It’s easy to let the day slip by when you’re busy answering emails and phone calls. Alarms can help keep you accountable and remind you when it’s time for a break. Try the 50/10 rule, where you take 10 minutes for a break after working uninterrupted for 50 minutes. (Here’s a10-minute real-time stretch routineyou can do sitting down.)

Walk during meetings

When on the phone or in a virtual meeting that doesn’t require the use of your webcam, try standing up and walking around. Not only will this help increase your step count, but it will give your eyes a much-needed break from the screen.

Put on workout clothes when you wake up

Set yourself up for success at the start of each day just with what you wear. By wearing workout gear first thing in the morning, you’re more likely to commit to doing the work than skipping out. This small change can affect your mindset and help make exercise a daily habit.

Multitask your muscles

Transform the time you set aside for household and other chores into short workout sessions. Brushing your teeth? Do it while squatting. Try some lunges while you vacuum or mop. Unloading the dishwasher is boring, but torso twists, standing calf raises, and bicep curls can help the time pass faster while you get your fitness in for the day.

If your body feels a little sore from these added activities, remember to take it slow and consider using a pain reliever like Arnicare Gel or Cream to help keep you comfortable. Made from a mountain daisy, this homeopathic medicine works to relieve sore and stiff muscles without masking symptoms.* Available at Walmart and other mass retailers, find Arnicare in a store near you.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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