Survive the Sun with These Homeopathic Essentials

Last updated on July 28th, 2022 at 01:56 pm

An enjoyable day in the sun can sometimes have serious repercussions on your skin and body. That’s when it’s time to find some cooling shade and break out your homeopathic summer kit.

There are several single medicines that you should always have on hand during the hottest time of year. Natrum muriaticum 30C reduces sun-induced rashes or sun allergy.*  Hypericum perforatum 30C can also help reduce sun-induced rashes, especially when taken before exposure.* Urtica urens 6C can help heal sun allergies with a stinging or prickly feeling or can relieve itching that is aggravated by cold and water.*

For a red-hot sunburn, one that leaves a pulsing sensation in the skin, the single medicine to use is Belladonna 6C. It’s the main remedy used for red, painful, hot and swollen skin.* Cantharis 6C can also be used for sunburn or just about any kind of second degree burn that is very painful and with blisters.*

Cuprum metallicum 6C is associated with cramping muscles of very sudden onset and disappearance. Glonoinum 6C and Belladonna 6C are frequently used when an individual experiences a red face, throbbing headache, and fever after prolonged heat exposure.* Use Belladonna 6C if profuse sweating is present, and Glonoinum 6C if pulsating headaches are predominant. However, it is important to note that heat stroke or sunstroke are medical emergencies and should always be seen by a health care professional. In any case, keep the affected person properly hydrated, especially children and the elderly.

For a more customized treatment approach for sun-related conditions and others, use Boiron’s Homeopathic Medicine Finder. This free app can help you select the right medicine in three clicks or less.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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  1. I accidentally left my homeopathic remedy in a hot car for days. Will the high temperature render the remedy useless?

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