Top Five Medicines to Beat Winter Burnout

Last updated on July 28th, 2022 at 01:57 pm

When the days are cold and short, are you a little more tired, hungry, or grumpy? Don’t worry; it’s common to feel this way. Fewer daylight hours can leave you feeling sluggish and affect everything from your diet to your sleep.

Avoid the temptation of going into hibernation mode this winter by maintaining a balanced diet, getting more sleep, and spending time outdoors to take in the natural daylight.

You can also take advantage of several homeopathic medicines to fight fatigue and related symptoms.

For those stressed with work after the holiday vacation, there’s Phosphoricum acidum. It relieves symptoms from intellectual overexertion, with headaches, bad memory, and lack of interest in intellectual work.* Do you struggle to cram a busy schedule into a shorter day? Kali phosphoricum can help relieve physical and intellectual fatigue due to overexertion accompanied by sleeplessness and headaches.* If cabin fever finds you cranky and lethargic, Silicea can alleviate symptoms of general fatigue with chilliness, lack of energy, and irritability.*

Stomach flu is more common in winter months. You’ll want to have Cinchona officinalis on hand to relieve weakness due to loss of fluids (diarrhea, bleeding, or sweating), with gas in the abdomen.*

Aches and pains occur throughout the year, but cold temperatures can make it harder to cope. Arnica montana is one of the most popular medicines for muscle pain, stiffness, swelling from injuries, and bruises.*

You can find these Boiron single medicines in a store near you, or shop online.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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