Windy City Roller Girls Are Never Without Their Arnicare

Last updated on August 5th, 2022 at 09:52 am

Boiron is proud to support roller derby teams across the United States, supplying its members with Arnicare medicines to help relieve their nasty, yet inevitable, bruises, muscle pain and swelling. As a thank you for our support, our friends in Chicago, the Windy City Roller Girls, recently shared their thoughts and photos with us.

“I fell while playing in the championship bout my first year in the league, and the result was an enormous bruise that covered my backside. The doctor said it would take a month for this bruise to go away, but I used Arnica daily, and it was gone in a week.” – Senorita Slams, skater since 2011, Double Crossers/Third Coast

“I was a competitive figure skater as a kid. Coming back to skating/sports as an adult has necessitated much more attention to sore muscles. I use Arnica/Arnicare all the time after practices. When I was rehabbing a broken ankle, I used Arnicare Gel to help speed along my recovery. With as many bruises and sore muscles that I get, I pretty much rely on it daily. Arnica is part of a post-practice routine for me.” – Sybil Disobedience, skater since 2012, Haymarket Rioters

“I love using Arnica because it immediately begins to work on my bruises and aches, and it’s much faster than just using ice and ibuprofen. I remember to always pack extra during tournaments because of the little recovery time in-between bouts.” – Karmageddon, skater since 2006, Double Crossers/All-Star/Second Wind

“I have been using Arnicare Gel since 2007 when I was a rookie. It is my go-to feel-good solution for pain and healing. The gel helped a wicked bruise go away quickly! I also take Sportenine tablets to help with muscle cramps before and during practice. The lemon flavor dissolves well with water or any other sports drink!” – Dinah Party, skater since 2007, The Fury/Second Wind

These girls never head to a bout without Arnicare in their bag! And they’ll need it this weekend when they participate in the Golden Bowl III, a two-day tournament featuring four of the top teams in the country—the BAD Golden Girls of San Francisco; the Texas Roller Girls Texacutioners of Austin; the Denver Roller Dolls Mile High Club of Denver; and of course, the Windy City Rollers All-Stars of Chicago. Good luck to all competitors!

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