Surviving Black Friday with a Little Help from Homeopathy

Last updated on January 2nd, 2024 at 11:02 am

Forget the turkey, the cranberry sauce, the stuffing, the pumpkin pie, and the football. Thanksgiving’s over and it’s time for…shopping! But not just regular shopping—it’s Black Friday-wake up at 2 a.m.-park your car three miles from the mall-stand in line for two hours-shopping. Patience is greatly needed but may be missed during post-Thanksgiving shopping, so to ease your stress, keep StressCalm Tablets on hand. StressCalm relieves nervous tension, hypersensitivity and irritability due to stress (cut off in the parking lot or in the checkout line more times than you can count?!) without side effects or risk of dependency. And don’t forget your Arnicare Gel—this non-sticky, non-greasy gel offers fast relief for aching feet and sore muscles caused by carrying way too many bags. A tube of the gel fits conveniently inside your purse or pocket—apply it at the first sign of pain, and keep on shopping!

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