Win the War on Warts with Thuja

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Blog: Win the War on Warts with Thuja

Witches and goblins are not the only people who get warts. Although usually benign, they can be embarrassing and, in some cases, painful. But you don’t need to brew a cauldron of ingredients to make warts disappear. For more than 200 years, people have employed the help of Thuja occidentalis, a plant-powered homeopathic medicine, to get rid of these unsightly bumps.

A Life-Saving Tree

Thuja occidentalis is the homeopathic preparation of the leafy twigs of the white cedar tree or Thuja occidentalis L. as it’s known scientifically. If you’re a gardener, you might be more familiar with its other name, arborvitae, which means “tree of life” in Latin. White cedars are evergreens native to North America. Hardy and fast-growing, they’re good for making privacy hedges.

As it turns out, these trees were also great for medicine. Indigenous peoples in Canada first used white cedar to treat scurvy before anyone knew what the mysterious disease was or its source.

In the winter of 1535, French explorer Jacques Cartier witnessed the healing effects of this plant on his crew, who like countless sailors before, suffered and succumbed to scurvy because of poor nutrition. We now know that evergreen needles, such as those on white cedar, are chock-full of vitamin C.

Today, Thuja is mainly used in homeopathic medicines and phytotherapy.

Nature’s Wart Treatment

In homeopathy, Thuja occidentalis is primarily used for chronic conditions, but another common use is wart removal.* You’ll find it as one of the active ingredients in Boiron WartCalm Tablets, but it’s also available as a single medicine.

Choose the 30C dilution for warts that are flat and translucent; hard and calloused; around or under the nails, or a single large plantar wart. Thuja occidentalis 6C relieves skin lesions that tend to protrude, such as thick warts and thick scars.* For best results, daily use for one month is recommended.

For more on the homeopathic uses of Boiron Thuja occidentalis, click here to watch this video featuring Dr. Gary Kracoff, NMD, RPh.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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55 thoughts on “Win the War on Warts with Thuja”

  1. Akiko Iriyama

    I have 3-4 calluses on the bottom of my ball of the feet, and very painful. I am wondering the Warts Treatments help my condition or please recommend applicable medicine.

    1. Hi Akiko, we do not recommend using WartCalm for calluses. Since calluses form from friction or pressure, you should make sure to wear proper-fitting shoes and socks, and use bandages on places where your shoe rubs to prevent them from forming. Applying a moisturizer will help soften the skin and heal the calluses. We suggest using Boiron Calendula Ointment on rough and cracked skin and leaving it on overnight.

  2. Does this Boiron Thuja Occidentalis 30ck pellets have thujone in it? I’ve read it’s dangerous. Was hoping to use this for cuticle warts but worried about thujone.

    1. Hi Karen, thujone is present in large amounts in Thuja essential oil which is a concentrated, herbal product. Boiron Thuja occidentalis 30C pellets are homeopathic medicine and prepared by a dilution process, which removes these toxic properties. Hope that helps or call us at 1-800-BOIRON-1 if you have any more questions!

      1. Seems to be working! Unfortunately, I missed the memo to take for 30 days straight and I didn’t get back to the health food store for a few weeks in between so I’ll try again.
        I had one wart on my hand for a year and it multiplied like mad so that I had about 30 tiny ones on both my hands. They have all significantly decreased in size from just two weeks of thuja use.
        Question: I had taken a liquid homeopathic blend that was for warts, skin tags and moles before taking boiron thuja. After a week of use, the childhood mole on my face started bleeding. I stopped use immediately.
        If this should happen from just taking thuja, what do you recommend?

          1. My son has a Moluscus Contagious in his skin (knee, legs. What homeopathic remedy can I use for him? Thank you.

          2. Hi Diana,

            Moluscus Contagious is an infection caused by a virus and homeopathic medicines are not vaccines or anti-viral medications and cannot, in any case be used to destroy viruses or bacteria. Boiron medicines are intended to temporarily relieve acute symptoms for common ailments that you would normally treat at home.

            Please seek treatment advice from your health care professional. If you want to soothe some of your son’s symptoms, like itching, try the Boiron Medicine Finder. The Boiron Medicine Finder will help you choose the most appropriate homeopathic medicine to relieve his symptoms. Be sure to always read and follow label directions and discuss all medications you use with your doctor.


    1. Hello Nani, homeopathic Thuja is made with the same active ingredient in Thuja tincture. It is sometimes used to treat fungal infections. Call us at 1-800-BOIRON-1 for any more questions, thanks!

  3. Hello. I have a 9yr old daugjter that has had a large raised white wart on her knee for over a year. We have had it frozen at the dermatologist office 3 times, and used every wart OTC topical product with no success. It is a persistant wart that now has hairs growing up through it. I am now looking to homeopathics to help internally fight it. Is 30c, 4pellets per day recommended or should i use 6c and if so, how often?

  4. I have warts with a hard cauliflower look on my legs and arms. Which would be better for me, WartCalm or Thuja Occidentalis 30C? Thank you.

    1. I have a large flat wart on my cheek.. 3 year old, I have it under control with tea tree oil -which after one months of regular use dried up the excess skin on wart but is unable to heal it fully.. now shall I use thuja 30c or 200c twice a day? Also should I use dulcamra 30 once a day with it? Thanks for your help.

      1. Hi Jack,

        We would recommend Thuja occidentalis 30C as it is indicated to relieve warts. Another option for you would be Causticum 6C which is indicated for warts located under the nails or on the face.


  5. Hi there, I’ve had flat warts on the tops of my feet and ankles for a few years now and they seem like they’ve started to spread/multiply. I have noticed a few near hairline.

    I’ve tried other remedies over the years that just haven’t worked at all.

    I’ve since used one box of your WartCalm and just finished a three pack of your Thuja 30c. While I was hoping for more drastic results, I will say that some of them on my feet and ankles have gone from skin color to a slightly, yet noticeably darker shade this past month.

    Should I up the dosage to 200ck? I’ve read that flat warts can be there more stubborn of warts and take longer to respond to treatments.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Greg, thanks for reaching out. We recommend using WartCalm or Thuja for 30 days consecutively. WartCalm contains Thuja, so there is no need to take both at the same time. Please stop use and speak to your doctor if you notice any changes in the appearance of the warts, such as color changes.

      1. Hey there, Thank you for getting back so soon. I apologize, I should have been more clear. I started with WartCalm then once finished, moved into Thuja Occidentalis 30c. With that said, I think they are starting to die based on color change. They are definitely warts and not skin cancer because I’ve had some medically frozen before. My doctor doesn’t have the best bedside manner so I figured I’d ask you. Does this take longer to work for flat warts? Are they just more resistant by nature?

        1. Hi Greg, I spoke with our pharmacist and he says there are many factors to how fast a wart will go away, such as its location, the thickness of your skin, and the size and type of wart. Flat warts tend to disappear faster than hard warts, and discoloration usually signifies that the wart is dying and will soon fall off. He recommends taking some before and after photos to confirm that the wart isn’t getting larger, which would require a medical examination. Hope that helps!

          1. Hi Laura S.,

            The dosage of Thuja occidentalis for adults and children is 5 pellets dissolved under the tongue 3 times a day until symptoms are relieved or as directed by a doctor.


  6. Hello! I read that thuja can get rid of lypomas. Is this true and if so, what dosage and for hour long? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Teresa, homeopathic single medicines may have several indications, but we only print the common one on the label for over-the-counter use. It is possible this medicine is useful for lipomas but we recommend you consult a homeopathic practitioner for more information. If you do not have one, you can find one on the National Center for Homeopathy website.

  7. Virginie Delaforterie

    I used your calendula in petroleum base for shingles. OMG I love you guys. Is there something you guys recommend for toenail fungus?

    1. Hi Virginie! We don’t have a particular remedy for nail fungus, we recommend consulting with a health professional.

  8. HI there, I (female) have genital warts since a short while. Could thuja help with this and if recommended, which solution? Thank you!

  9. I have genital warts and unfortunately I had to wait for over a month to get the 6c for warts because we do not have it in my country.

    How long will it take for me to see results?

    1. Please contact our global headquarters in France for information on the closest Boiron subsidiary near South Africa and pricing:

      2, av de l’Ouest Lyonnais
      69510 MESSIMY – (France)
      Phone: 04 78 45 61 00
      Fax: 04 78 45 61 02

  10. Hi!
    I was wondering if thuja occidentalis 30c would be safe to take as a preventive treatment? My husband has a couple of warts inside his hands and will start his treatment asap . I am not showing any warts myself but since we are constantly in contact I was wondering if it would prevent me to get some?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Alison, Boiron Thuja is not a preventative medicine. However, we do recommend starting treatment at the first sign of a wart and continuing for 30 days or until the wart disappears.

  11. Hi I have a verruca on my foot. I’ve just got your Thuja 30c tablets. Am I right in saying I take 2 every 2 hours? How long should I do that for please xx

    1. Hi Kate, please follow the labeled directions. The dosing regimen for Thuja 30C is twice daily (once in the morning and once at night) until the wart disappears. Call us at 1-800-264-7661 if you need further assistance.

  12. Hi, I have a kind of flat wart under my eye. Should I use thuja 30 c tablets if yes ,dosage please? Also any safe topical preparation to apply as it is under eye. Thanks

    1. Hi Mir,
      You can use Thuja occidentalis 30C or Causticum 6C for warts. Thuja occidentalis is commonly used to treat warts of various appearances and Causticum relieves warts located under the nails or on the face. Both of these medicine direct you to dissolve 5 pellets under the tongue 3 times a day until symptoms are relieved or as directed by a doctor.
      We do no recommend any topical preparations.

  13. My husband had warts all over the tops of his hands thuja 30cc got rid of all of them completely it was totally amazing.
    I have some around my cuticles and thuja 30cc has not worked. I have started taking thuja 200cc I take this twice a day but this has not helped after 30 days. Can I still take this until I start to see results? I have had them frozen at my GP but that did not help.

    1. Hi Lisa, warts can be stubborn, so you may need to use more than one treatment. You may also consider switching to WartCalm, which contains Thuja and other active ingredients that help remove warts than using Thuja alone.

    1. Hi Suj,
      Thuja occidentalis 30C and Causticum 6C would both be helpful for warts on the face. Thuja occidentalis 30C is commonly used to treat warts of various appearances and Causticum 6C relieves warts located under the nails or on the face.

  14. Hi I have a big common wart on my knee that has not gone away and been on for about a year or so now. I am wondering what is best to use.

    1. Hi Eliza, for common warts we recommend using WartCalm meltaway tablets. They are for adults and children 6 years of age and older, and you dissolve 2 tablets in the mouth 2 times a day until the wart is removed or as directed by a doctor. Daily use for at least 1 month is recommended. Thanks!

    1. Hi Michelle,
      As a manufacturer, we offer over-the-counter medicines with clear indications for acute conditions that can be safely relieved with self-medication. Each medicine is labeled with the most common acute condition it relieves. There may be a treatment that addresses your condition, but we recommend consulting a health professional to advise.

  15. Can genital warts be treated by thuja? If yes, what is procedure to apply rhe medicine and what effects does it show on warts

    1. Hi Dhaval,
      Thuja occidentalis removes common warts on the body or plantar warts on the soles of the feet. You take this medicine by dissolving 5 pellets under the tongue 2 times a day, mornings and evenings, until the wart is removed, or as directed by a doctor. There is no need to apply the medicine to the skin.

    1. Hi Amanda,

      When taking WartCalm, daily use for at least 1 month is recommended, stop use and ask a doctor if discomfort persists or if warts become painful, start multiplying quickly, or change in appearance.


  16. Hi,
    I have been giving this to my dog to help with his out break of warts. It has help greatly.
    While he was on it I noticed a huge change in his health, he is a senior and has been on a bit of a decline. We’ve been at the vet often this year for a multitude of issues. After starting thuja 30c he got his energy back, all his skin issues went away, his back legs are doing better and his incontinence has improved.
    He’s back to his old self, I am so happy.
    So my question is how long can he stay taking it?

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