Fans of Arnicare Gel Share Their Experiences With This Popular Pain-Relieving Medicine

Last updated on August 9th, 2022 at 11:35 am

At Boiron, we love hearing from you! Your comments and questions are great ways for us to keep in touch and learn how to best serve you. Here are some recent blog posts of consumers who discovered our pain-relieving Arnicare Gel and now make it a fixture in their medicine cabinets.

Ultra runner Drew B.

From Drew B., Denver, Colo. – “Recovery from my recent 100-mile run was a great learning experience. A colleague of mine noticed my wobbling limp and suggested that I invest in a tube of Arnicare Gel. The pain in my feet and quads was enough that spending only a few dollars was worth the risk. [I] slapped on the gel all over my sore spots and felt the difference by the time I was eating dinner. Over the past couple weeks, I have applied it to my recovering muscles and joints. The best part was that I had not expected to be up and training so quickly after running 100 [miles]. As an endurance athlete, father, husband and therapist, I need quick recovery so I can  be on my A-game at all times, and I am super stoked to have found this product that helps heal my soreness!”

To read the rest of Drew’s comments on Arnicare Gel, please click here

From Cindy S., Simi Valley, Calif. – “I tripped over a planter last week and landed face-first into an asphalt parking lot. I was taken to the emergency room via ambulance for medical treatment. Thankfully, there were no broken bones, but I had a huge hematoma on my left cheek and bruising with pulled ligaments in my left shoulder. The next day, my face was very swollen and painful. My daughter suggested Arnicare Gel for the swelling and pain. I was hesitant but decided to purchase the gel. It has been one week since my accident, and my face looks remarkably better. The pain in my face and shoulder is much better, and the bruising and swelling are markedly improved. I’m totally sold! I recommend this product to anyone who has pain or swelling, and I think you will find, like I did, that your purchase will be well worth it!

From Valerie M., Silverado, Calif. – “Arnicare Gel is just what I need. The clear gel isn’t sticky or greasy. I don’t notice any odor, and it absorbs into my skin quickly. The coolness feels nice instantly and within a few moments – poof! – my aches and pains are significantly reduced. I’ve used it for muscle aches and strains and for bruises. This is my go-to product for fast pain relief. If you experience aches and pains, Arnicare is worth checking out.”

Thanks Drew, Cindy and Valerie for sharing your stories! Want to share your own Boiron story with us? We’d love to hear it! Tell us your experience in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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2 thoughts on “Fans of Arnicare Gel Share Their Experiences With This Popular Pain-Relieving Medicine”

  1. Wanda Varnadore

    My name is Wanda Varnadore. I have severe swelling from my stomach down to my feet; supposedly caused from congestive heart failure. I’m in so much pain and it’s unbearable 😫. Can you suggest some kind of medication that will bring me some relief? I really can’t stand it much longer. Thanks

    1. Hi Wanda, that sounds uncomfortable, so sorry you’re dealing with this. We recommend you speak to a homeopathic practitioner who can best determine a course of treatment for you based on your individual symptoms. To locate one in your area, please visit the National Center for Homeopathy and look under Resources, where you’ll see a Find A Homeopath. Or call us at 1-800-BOIRON-1 if you have any more questions.

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